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The society was originated informally as a village development committee (VDC) on January 7, 1994. It worked initially for sanitations of village, demonstrations of improved crop varieties and union of village migrants. The group was continuously motivated for their role in formation of an ideal village. Lack of dedicated local level leadership, inappropriate village atmosphere and selfish motives did not paid the desirable results.
Accordingly, with the selected member of the informal VDC; a new committee was formed and named as Society of Awareness Motivation Training and Action (SAMTA). It is registered under society registration act 21, 1860 on 5 October 2000 at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh (India). Its registration number is 969 and works as Non Government Organi zation (NGO). The working area of SAMTA is Northern region of India.
To do research and suggest measures on social and economic problems.
To promote participatory system for agriculture and village development.
To establish library and reading room for increasing knowledge and to publish magazine and books. To promote fellowship for research and organizing meetings for social, economic and technical development.
Intensive afforestation to save environment and organize related meetings for their promotions.
To promote health education in rural and urban area.
To work on social, economic, mental, moral, educational and intellectual development of youths.
To implement and conduct entrepreneurship, technical, computer trainings of unemployed youths.
To arrange and conduct congregations on nationally and humanitarian important issues i.e. dowry, family welfare, anti-corruptions activities.
To work for upliftment for poor people in villages.
To establish and conduct schools and education centre from primary to higher level.
SAMTA means Redemption through Knowledge. The society works for holistic development of human through educational and entrepreneurship activity in their active participations.
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